Thursday, May 26, 2011

A week and half later... Part 1

and I am finally getting this post done.
Ya know that FABULOUS weekend I raved all about?
Wwell, it really was that good.
We were seriously in need of a family day/weekend and it was just the right medicine.
We headed up to the Air and Space Museum out by Dulles Airport.
I do wish they would have had some hands on things for the kids but it was still awesome.
What kids couldn't look at airplanes and space shuttles.
They had a little spot for the 9/11 incident with a piece of one of the trade towers and so it was a good time to teach the kids and get some pictures there too. Maddie seemed to get it a little bit. It was an emotional spot for me...I remember that day so very clearly (and we all know how raunchy MY memory is). Mike was on his mission in the Phillipines when it happened so it wasn't so difficult for him. But it was still pretty neat.
The space shuttle was, what I am guessing, Mikey's favorite-it WAS pretty amazing and soooo ginormous.

Fun times...

and cool planes.

Gotta love that the ONLY family pic. we got all day was blurry.
This family pic and the next 2 of the kids are in front of the 9/11 spot.

These last 2 just make me feel good and happy...

I love our country.

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