Friday, June 3, 2011

Papa, Pops, Dad (picture overload)

i feel my emotions getting the best of me as i type this.
we had a great time this week getting to see my dad, papa, pops.
he gets all those names and maddie threw in an occasional "gramps"-which made us all laugh.
we had fun just hangin' around, it's hard to do a lot when one mama is 9 months preggo and there are 6 kids, 6 and under and the daddy's are attending there manly responsibilities (work and school). however, the kids played in the pool, played at the splash park, walked down to the water front, we headed to the Air Force Memorial-and saw a bit of Arlington Cemetery-and grilled out. it was a good time and a reminder at just how much i miss my dad. all the kiddos LOVED Pops and had lots of fun with him.
thanks for coming Dad-we love you and had a great time!

And Baby Girl finally got to meet her Pops...LOVE!

Splash Park pics!

 LOVIN' these next heart melts! (and yes, maddie's finger IS in her nose-joy)

Down at the Potomac

Trying to get a family shot together was interesting, my camera kept dying so it was a, turn it on and snap...we got lucky to get 2 okay ones.

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So glad you got to spend time with your dad. Cute pictures!