Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tether ball 101...

As you will see, it is MUCH better to play tether ball by yourself...
you actually get to touch the ball that way.

And, listen carefully to Patch's video...hilarious commentary from Maddie, from Patch too,
 but Madd's made me die laughing!

And this, one-watch carefully Maddie gets a good little hip twitch in
 when it wraps all the the way around!

What ya'll didn't get to see is before these video's. I was playing with them both at one and Madd's stomped off all mad because she either couldn't reach or she was getting hit in the face...I should be more sympathetic but man-it was hilarious!
So, they opted to play by themselves once they realized there were TWO tether balls!

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kelleen said...

my favorite was the sounds of the mommy trying to hold back laughting out loud while she was filming!! too cute--I love how much you adore your kiddos!