Monday, July 11, 2011


we've been gone for a week and it was wonderful!
we are back now, with not a lot of pictures to show for but man...
it was a much needed getaway-so relaxing and so fun.
pics to come soon (literally, only a handful)
but our life has to get back together, at least a little, before that happens. laundry is in, suitcases are being unpacked and ants (don't even get me started) are being sprayed. And hopefully more sleep will be gotten tonight, last night was okay only because we were in our own beds but not a lot of sleep really happened.
well, kids are wanting breakfast, and so is Mom, so honey bunches (of oats) is calling our names.

happy monday, hope your week starts great!

p.s. i did my first flip off the diving board...
best flip EVER!!
(that's for you Kell ;)

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