Saturday, July 23, 2011

my love

this handsome dude and i don't get pictures too often.
a friend took this randomly at her brother's graduation party, and i am so glad she did.
i love this man lots and lots and lots.
he is my best friend and puts up with me like no other.
we got to have a date last night (that is quite the rarity for us, unfortunately)
and i sat there at one moment just watching him (and he had no idea because he was enthralled in the movie) and i got some serious warm fuzzies all over and this feeling of,
"wow, this amazing man is mine...forever. he makes me nothing but happy and better and
i am so glad that he picked me."
i love you a lot you mikey and thank you for making me the happiest woman...

you are the best husband

EVER! :)

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