Monday, July 25, 2011

nakey nakey 7 monther

This cute, and naked, litte lady continues to be our little joy in the home.
She waved for the first time yesterday and was so excited at our excitement-too cute for words.
She LOVES to feed herself her snacks (puffs, baby cheeto things, and yogurt melts) and she does a really good job at it too.
She is trying her hardest to actually crawl rather than the army crawl (I don't mind a bit though-that army crawl makes her just a little slower-and we need that around here). She got about four "crawlies" in last night as well and then planted it and started her army thing again.
She has the best little laugh in the planet and it's mostly heard when she is dead tired and Mommy's gettin' it all out of her before she crashes for the night.
Her 2nd tooth is having a harder time getting through and has made her more impatient (btw, she is the most impatient little thing I have ever seen) and a bit more irritable. Hopefully it will be through this week though! (fingers and toes crossed)

It's hard to believe she is doing all these things-I am pretty sure we brought her and her scrawny legged self home from the hospital yesterday...

the lack of scrawny legs now proves differently.

Love you Chubbacheeks!


Erin said...

SUCH A DOLL! I love it when they still fit in the sink!

The Caltons said...

She is just too cute! Love it! :)