Tuesday, July 26, 2011

reminder times

being a mom is oh so rewarding.
i think most people would feel that way, and i know so many wish for it so deeply.
sometimes, unfortunately, i have to remind myself of that-and then I feel bad because so many others have yet to, or won't, ever have that feeling.


yesterday...it was a reminder day.
and it really wasn't my kid's fault at all, i was just so busy-and kids sense business which
let's be crazy!

i was putting bread in, cleaning up, preparing 2 meals, taking care of a baby who was hungry and turn around to find this.

i know, how cute, right?
well, when you are in the midst of so much stuff and having to do it in a hurry because you need to be somehwere (actually 2 different places) at a certain time, and you see your daughter making the world's largest flour mess, not only on the kitchen but all over herself, cute is not exactly what you are thinking.
But there's a picture so...
well, i didn't want to yell at her (what I consider my biggest downfall as a mother) and make everyone upset and risk the hurt feelings and melt-down that would occur, thus leading to more unnecessary time wasted-so, a picture was the way to go. i can laugh and smile now but i really didn't want to then-

i needed a reminder.

shortly before that...

the kids always go in makinley's room when she wakes up, no matter when it is-morning time, after morning nap, after afternoon nap. today was no different except that i walk in to them ALL in her crib.
again, cute-right?
not how i felt though at the time...they know they aren't supposed to be in her bed and bouncing around (which they were prior to me running downstairs to get the camera) so, it was a bit frustrating and another...

reminder time.

i am grateful for reminder times but at the same time wish they wouldn't have to happen.

today is another day and guess what??

we have had LOTS of reminder times already-inevitable?

what say you and your house?


John n Shannon said...

Yesterday was an interesting day for us as well. Honestly, the "taking a picture of their cute little mess" really saves them, and gives us cool down time I think. Otherwise it'd get ugly. I probably have you beat with the flour story. I was FINALLY scrubbing down our nasty bathroom shower only to hear Addison tell me about her pee pee mess she managed drip all.over.the.house. as she came to find me. I only hope I scrubbed away at the right spots since it was all just a guessing game after the fact. Wonderful motherhood!

Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

I just hide in the closet with chocolate, and in severe emergencys I also grab the asprin! Just kidding, it is good to remember these things though. They really are such tender and sweet moments. I have a great quote I have been meaning to print out and make "cute" to frame. Its been on that "to do list" I will email it to ya. I have thought about it lots lately! Love it, you will too! Its my favorite motherhood quote ever, on this exact thing.

Chat soon

Melissa said...

Nailed it on the head. Story of our lives, right? But I have to remind myself teenage years will bring heartache so I try to enjoy the menacings of these young years. Thank you for sharing your heart & complete honesty. It's so very refreshing. xo

Connie said...

GREAT POST! Your blog is so cute (: