Monday, August 22, 2011

sometimes ya just havta...

8 months old and a teeny tiny, yet chubby, cute girl.

at 8 months:

she's crawling all over the place,
eating table food like a champ,
pulling herself up to standing on just about everything,
saying "da-da" non-stop,
 (a humble reminder though to you all that she DID say ma-ma first...a long time ago)-
and I think she also says "hi", not entirely sure though,
laughing ALL the time at anything and everything,
fake coughing at anyone who coughs-no matter where we are,
LOVES peek-a-boo,
is a Momma's girl BIG time,
nursing great again (we did have some issues for a little while),
she can drink from sippy cup-but she can't tilt it back herself-since she never did take to a bottle,
she has the saddest sad face ever,
oh, and she tried to walk along the couch for the first time yesterday (NO!),
and there is more but that's a good list for now.

i can't believe in just 4 short months she will already be 1-time doesn't ever seem to slow...
except when we don't want it to that is. :)

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