Tuesday, August 23, 2011

cuzzy wuzzy woo-woo-woos

I wish the kids were closer to ALL their cousins, that would be the perfect world, ey?!
But they're not, that's reality.
I am glad that they are close to some, and that they love spending time with them.

We had fun over the weekend. Mike and I enjoyed time at the temple
while the kids enjoyed time playing with their cuzzies and then we swapped with Jamie and Evan.
We had fun yard sale-ing, hangin' out at their house and heading downtown DC for time at the Natural History Museum and a nice/awesome park there too.
It was a fan-freakin'-tabulous weekend.

handsome guy...no, no the one that has skin and is holding the baby! ;)

hahaha, this one just makes me laugh

this lady is demonstrating to us all how I felt by the end of that day-oh so tired!

glad they were game for going-she wasn't feeling too good,
and neither were 2 of their 4 kiddos.

you have to try the downtown vendor food at SOME point...luckily the pretzels
didn't disappoint, and it wasn't expensive like I thought it would be!

Stickin' our feet in the water felt
AHHHH-mazing and the kids got soaked!

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Porter and Karla said...

makinley is getting so big, she is a doll.