Tuesday, August 23, 2011

not cool

earthquakes=not cool.
for record keeping purposes.
we experienced an earthquake today, a real and very obvious earthquake.
it really was not cool.
it has been at least an hour and i still have "quaking" insides.
it was said to have been a 5.9 on the scale and felt all the way from here to as far as Ontario.
i heard it before i felt it-it was loud and i thought some kind of big vehicle (but bigger than a trash truck), like a train, was coming down our street. i got up to go look out the window but didn't get that far when the whole house started shaking. it took me a minute to realize it was an earthquake but when i did we headed over to the door way of the kitchen. i could see neighbors outside looking around during it. it lasted about 20 sec, give or take a few. that may not seem like a long time, but apparently it is for an earthquake and let me tell you-it felt like WAY longer-it was a bit scary.
everyone is okay though, thankfully. mikey was on the road but he's good-whew!
while we may still feel a bit shook up, we're all good and hoping for no after-shocks.

oh, and prayers that hurricane irene decides to take a different course would be much appreciated...her current path will hit us pretty good about saturday or sunday.

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Kim said...

Sounds to me like you need to move to a safer place. Like KC.