Wednesday, August 24, 2011

what is up...

with this family and wild animals??
like, seriously?

A couple of weeks ago, we had an interesting event take place.

Being the ummm, (ahem) GREAT mom that I am (cough, cough) so great,
I grabbed a big blanket, toys and my 3 beautiful kiddies and we headed out to the front yard for a morning of play. I anticipated being out there ALL morning and letting the kids get out their energy and just a good time, without worrying about time and other things.
About, mmmm, 15 minutes of being out there we hear,

"Chhhchchchchchchc, ptchptchptch, chchchchc....
(that is talk for something coming down, and coming down FAST, from a tree)

That boom, and mind you-this is like a foot and a half from where we are sitting, was a baby squirrel!
Seriously, I almost cried-it hit the ground SO HARD, and it was SO TINY!

Well, it freaked me out a bit too. The kids thought it was cool and all but...what the heck do you do with a baby squirrel that has fallen out of a HUGE tree? Well, the UPS man said there wasn't really much we could do-since the same thing just happened to a family member of his. (his nephew actually took care of it but it died after a month) At this point my kids have now pet the thing (it wasn't moving and I was trying my darndest to keep a little baby at bay) I then called a few family members (since my hubby wasn't busy and not answering his phone) but really, not a whole lot to do. WELL, then, while on the phone with my MIL, we hear,
"Chhhchchchchchchc, ptchptchptch, chchchchc...

AGAIN-for real!

This one moved a little bit more than the other one but looked a bit scrawnier.

they fell about 2 feet apart

My sister thought I should take them to the Dr. after that (my kids that is) since they touched wild squirrels! HAHAHAHA. They did wash their hands, thank you.

Eventually we went inside. I kept an eye on them religiously so that if a cat came roaming, I would come running/roaring out the door so it wouldn't get them. Also, it was thought best to give them some time to see if their mother would come down and get them...
dumb mother-she never came and that made sad/frustrated with her!
 (I know, I know-they're squirrels!)
I posted on FB that I had random baby squirrels fall from my tree and got some feedback. Well, around 4ish my friend called to see if they were still alive. I went and checked (I had finally scooped them up with a dust pan and took them to the wooded area behind our house-I couldn't handle walking out to dead baby squirrels in my front yard) and they were. She came and got them, with intentions on nursing them back to health. She's a brave one, that friend of mine.

I got the scoop from her a few days later:

The scrawny one, #2, died that night
 and she called a vet, a day or so later, and took #1 to them and they took it in to nurse back to health.

Crazy huh?? I thought so...

Us and wild animals...what will happen next?

Do I really want to wait and see?

No, I just want to be done with it all already! :)


Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

So crazy!! What the what, is going on up top of that tree, for realz!

Glad that blanket of your was not any closer, that would have been freaky to have it land on you!

You guys are sweet to try and nurse it back to health!!

Kim said...

george costanza, you need some really tiny tools.