Thursday, September 1, 2011

a little shout out

this little girly,
oh this little girly.

i feel as though she doesn't make it up on this blog all too often and that makes me sad.

she's a pretty rockin' little chica and we kinda love her lots here in this house.
she is such an independant little lady yet so desirous of some lovin' that it's almost confusing at times.
she has 2 laughs...
a serious fake laugh, one that if you don't know her well you really would think it's her real laugh.
and then her real laugh, it's a "comes from deep within" laugh-we love that laugh.
it's hard work to get it out of her-but that's how she's always been, since a baby.
we often hear, mostly from family, how incredibly serious she is-and she is,
and so matter-of-fact-she is often putting us in place.
she has an infectious love for others though-although sometimes her sassiness proves otherwise. but we love her sassiness, another "since she was a baby" trait.
in fact when she was being born, she was a c-section, they went to get her out and didn't realize that she was positioned in a way that made her stuck a little. anyway, that first pull on her made her start screaming, and she wasn't even out! we didn't have a name for her immediately and so the nurses named her Miss Sassy Pants.
(it is really rare, apparently, for a baby to cry before they are even out of belly)
madilynn is just an awesome girl and we just love her so much.
we love that she is such a wonderful big sister, so much so that BOTH of her siblings get so excited when they see her. patrick doesn't like being away from her for too long-he'll squeal, "Mom, Maddie's home, Maddie's home!" when she's been away at a friend's house . and makinley...oh she adores maddie; just this morning maddie got up last and was coming down the stairs when makinley started squealing in delight at the sight of her. she's a good sister for sure.
she's also a fab helper. she's is great at cleaning up, she always wants to help wash dishes,
and she now likes help clean the bathroom,
 (although the toilet she isn't a big fan of...don't blame her though-who is?)
she loves to sing and we've been informed that she is one of the best singers in primary at church. :)
she loves to learn and has an incredible memory. 
(thankfully! we know she must get that from her daddy!)
i could go on forever and tell lots of stories but...
we just love her tons and want her to know that!

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Erin said...

She's such a darling girl! We miss her (and all of you) so much!