Thursday, September 8, 2011

a teeter-totter life

we had a pretty good labor day weekend and day itself.
it was pretty chill and in great company a couple of times.
this was maddie and patrick's first time on a teeter-totter, madd's loved it-Patch, mmmm, not so much.
(and probably due to madd's hitting to ground too hard and in turn hurting a little man)
family, good food, good friends, good time.

I feel lately as though I am riding a big teet-totter, and the other side won't let me down.
Lots of life decisions to make yet not feeling able to make them due to having to wait, not knowing, and worry if it's the right thing.


It's been a good learning experience nonetheless and that's what we're here on this earth to do, learn, right-and make the best of any situation?

Well then, I am imagining a nice big bright PINK teeter-totter that I am riding, with a bit of fun sparkly(think Taylor Swift sparkly) and wind blowing in my face-and luckily that partner on the other end is my "one and only"-so I have a great view too.
(I am sure he is NOT imagining a pink sparkly teeter-totter though ;)


Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

I totally feel what your going through! Know that when you get the answers from others you are waiting on, peace will come and you'll "just know"

Remember the longer the wait, the better the outcome, and you'll be so amazed at how much you've learned along the way, (or should I say wait) I totally know how you feel, and it is hard. Keep your chin up :)

Shannon said...

Thanks Jenn, and I totally know that you can relate. Thankfully I can look at you guys and your situation and know that it will for sure get better...and that we could totally have it worse than we do-things are actually good right now and we a lot to be thankful for. Thank you for always being so postive-it helps so much!