Monday, September 12, 2011

shiny 'n' white

"what's that, what does this do, do i have to get a pokey pokey?
"good, i don't like pokeys, they hurt.
"are you going to take pictures of my teeth?
"is it going to hurt?
good, i don't want it to hurt."

a few of the million things my kiddos asked/said prior to the actual cleaning of their teeth...
well,  guess just maddie, patch was too scared of the lady who cleaned his teeth to say anything. :)

first time to the dentist, they did so good!

madds was our brave one instantly, she did so good. she has a cross bite and not a lot of space between her teeth, so a palate expander and braces are in her future-poor girl.

you can see the excitement all up in that smile...hahaha. this was after 3 minutes of him refusing to get in the chair. i told him he had to the count of 3 and we'd have to leave and he wouldn't be able to get a prize from the box like maddie-he changed his mind in a snap! :) and then he was excited and did great-it was almost weird how quickly he changed...but yeah that he did! his teeth look really good, great spacing, great bite...keeping fingers and toes crossed!

when did they get so big???


The Juries!! said...

Thank Buff for the crossbite!!!

Kate said...

Addie was walking by and said "awwww...look at scared little patchy" then i scrolled up to maddie and she said" well, she's brave!" i laughed because she hadn't even read it yet!