Thursday, September 15, 2011

ya big baby

if you haven't noticed from my whiny last couple of posts,
things have been a bit crazy and stressful around here lately.
and that's okay, that's life-a lot of the time.
i love that there are moments amidst chaos and stress that make you stop for a minute
 and just breathe and smile. the moments that feel like the Lord is saying,
"I'm here, I love you and settle down a bit-life is good and life is okay, you are blessed, just take a second to notice it, okay?"
i've had a few this week. my kids were the first.  i love them-i love that our life is about them and making their life good, as less chaotic as possible and that they take our thoughts away from ourselves so often. they make us smile, they make me (and my phsyco crazy self) smile...
my sweet hubby was the second when he walked in with flowers the other night.
we don't do flowers very often, so when he walked in with them...
it was perfect and made me smile and feel warm fuzzies.
third was in a (very) early morning drive yesterday as a song was playing (a churchy song)
and it was like i was being spoken to-sounds weird i know-but it couldn't have been more perfect
for me at that time.

so, i've ditched the whine and acting like a big baby and settled for a smile.
life is good, so very very good.

now tell me these don't make YOU smile...

this boy of ours DOES love sports-basketball mainly-not just dressing up like a girl... :)

can we all say, "AWWWWW!"

a pirate and a princess, at the same time-now that's talent!
(or that's what happens when a brother is messin' with a baby)

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The Juries!! said...

Now those are some funny pics!!!