Friday, September 30, 2011


Last weekend I had the opportunity to listen to a broadcast from our church.
They do this particular "session" every year for the women of the church. The session goes with the church twice yearly General Conference, where we have an opporunity to listen the Prophet of the church, his counselors, the apostles and many other leaders of the church. It's amazing-always.
Anyway, the General Relief Society Meeting, or women's meeting was phenomenol this year.
The concluding speaker is usually the prophet or one of his 2 counselors, and this year it was the 2nd counselor, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.
Just what I and so many other women, I am sure, needed to hear at this particular time in life.
I encourage you to read it, if you haven't already, and even if you aren't a member of my faith-I can promise you, you will be uplifted and moved.

Secondly, I happened upon the blog, of the woman/family friend who took our wedding photos, not too long ago. While she shares her amazing pictures she takes-it is her personal/family blog.
I read her newest posts just a little while ago and wanted to share because they were incredible and such moving posts. Her name is Emily and she is a mother of 2 and she is so honest and open about her feelings as a mother and the struggles and joys that happen day to day.
Read here first and then here second.

I love my life currently. I laugh and hang my head a bit as just this morning, on our way to a quick Dr. appt. for one of the kiddos, I called Mike because I was about to lose my mind due to the kids not listening and not cleaning up an trashing the house that I have been trying to keep some kind of order to-even with boxes everywhere and trying to de-junk. In all reality, I am just exhausted-another story-and they are just being kids. I read Emily's posts and my perspective was changed for the day. I have thought about those things (that she writes of) lately and have found myself being overly grateful for all the little and crazy moments-I just lost that this morning. Anyway, beautifully written and I know a pick me up and gentle reminder for any mother of young kiddos.

Enjoy every moment you have now-the good, the bad and the ugly...
it will be gone before you know it.
AND, we need to get all the pictures we can with our kiddies, whether we enjoy the way we look now or not...will we ever REALLY feel picture worthy anyway? They need the memories just as much as you will need them one day too.

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