Saturday, October 1, 2011

black and white

i post a lot of this little lady.
she grows a lot, and fast, and is learning so much.
tonight, as i watched her daddy teach to her stand alone and heard her laugh
harder than she's ever laughed, my heart rejoiced and broke a little.

it's all too fast and i can hardly take it.

madds was her size not too long ago, I remember it vividly
as she crawled from the end table over to me at the couch, with a sock
hanging out her mouth-as it always was.
patch was standing at the stairs as i snapped a photo that is forever etched in my mind,
that big gummy grin with his big deep dark eyes that seemed to go on forever and ever.
but today.
today they were running together around the house playing one of the many games they play. today they were putting puzzles together on the floor as we watched conference, and calling out random, familiar words
they heard from the speakers.
today they shared candy.
today they got in fights. today they loved each other like i always hoped my kids would.
and today, they grew even more...
did they really have to go and do that part??

i thought i took a lot of pictures of them then, when they were so small.
and i look through them, the pictures, and know that i did but also wish i had taken even more.
every moment-so i don't forget a thing.

her pudgy little hands, with those sweet dimples instead knuckle bumps...

her pudgy feet that just make you want a little nibble...

her beautiful look of curiosity...

the way she gnaws anything and everything (wood included)...

the way she smiles...

it's black and white...
they aren't babies forever, they don't stay in those stages you love so much.
they move on to more stages you love, and some you don't so much,
they grow and learn new things and become these intelligent, funny and beautiful little people.
and i'll soak in every moment from the time they are babies,
until forever.

and i'll take, and post, as many of them as i can.

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