Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the things we do

Sometimes we find ourselves, as parents, doing things a little out of the ordinary or different
for the sake of our children.
I found myself doing that this morning,
all over some fly like little creature that flew onto our kitchen table as my 3 little children and I devoured our cereal like ravenous wolves.
That little man up there in that picture is typically doing just what he is doing in that picture,
can you tell from the blurriness?
And when in the kitchen-like pictured-it's running circles around me and whatever it is that I am doing in there.
So, said fly creature thing landed on our table, and I'll be honest here, it freaked me out a little too-it was weird lookin'-but anyway, that cute little face turned into one of pure fear as he tried to scramble away from the table. A face that I hadn't ever seen until just a few weeks ago when we had a baby mosquito in the house and a girlfriend of Maddie's over who told him they sucked your blood...another story but seriously sad just because of his fear.
So anyway, I try to calm the crying and shaking little guy down meanwhile scouring the kitchen trying to find the little bugger so that it can be creamed.
Nowhere to be found.
After a few minutes, lots of tears, and more fear being instilled from his lovely sister by saying she thinks it was in his shirt (yes, I know, hilarious to read and think about-just not in the moment), Madd's finally spots it, it flew up to the ceiling. So, I grab my towel (duh, towels are much more effective than fly-swatters-hello!...and maybe I couldn't find the swatter at the time) and my heart starts beating a bit faster, I hate bugs.
Plus, I HAVE to do good-it's always a good thing when mom gets to be the hero.
I swing the towel, barely hitting it, it flies to the blinds, I whack, I miss, it's flying, I'm swinging, 2nd swing and...
a bowl of cereal of and milk go flying everywhere and I can't tell if I got the thing or not.
The kids are asking, "Where'd it go Mom?" Me, "I don't know. (thinking, "great, here comes another outburst from a little guy, please, please say I got it.)
Then Maddie says, "It's on your towel Mom."
I look and there is no actual fly just some dark stuff...so, I THINK I got it unless there was some nasty stuff on the bowl that I whacked, which lay in a large puddle of milk and honey nut cheerios all over the floor. So, I start to clean up the mess, and I find what I think are remnants of legs but still, I see no bug.
That is until I put the dropped cheerios from the floor into the sink.
So, not only did I whack it like there was no tomorrow, I made a shot into the sink.

Dang, I'm good.

Well, except for that cheerio mess that is.

Ahhh, the things we do for our kids...

 and maybe for a our sanity too. :)

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John n Shannon said...

I can almost envision the moment just as it was happening. And I must say I chuckled a little too. But I hear you on the "Mother" thing. I get pretty crazy when even a fly lands on one of my kids....especially the baby. Stupid dirty flies - I loathe them.