Wednesday, September 28, 2011


little lady's newest word!
she is saying "uh-oh" all.the.time.
and it is as darling as she is.

oh, and she is already climbing...heaven help us.


John n Shannon said...

Are your kids always dressed so cute everyday? And what about you? Do you wear make-up daily? Shower daily? If so, what time do you finish getting it all done in the morning? These are the things that I'm convinced we can't master with two kids. And you have three!

Shannon said...

No, it doesn't always happen, for sure if we go out but if we are home their hair doesn't have to be done and I'll let the kids wear clothes that they picked out. And me? Oh dear...the make-up depends. I am sure my in-laws will be shocked to read this, no I am not wearing make-up everyday. I have actually cut down MAJORLY on what I do wear when I do have it on. Unless going to church it's as basic as it gets-I do HAVE to wear some kind of cover-up (mineral powder has shortened my time majorly) b/c I don't have good skin-so then blush is necessary and then mascara. I used to go all out all the time-like everything HAD to be on my face if anyone were going to see me that day. Ummm, no, I don't shower daily-unless I am exercising (and I haven't been as good lately as I'd like to be). I am an every other day person (is that gross?)And, I shower at night-I have to or I'd always have wet hair since it takes a bajillion years to dry (and even blow-dry, thick hair ya know-another reason for every other day showering. And the time of day we get it all depends on the day, some days earlier than others. You'll get the hang of it, I promise. He's not very old so the main thing you need to do is give yourself time-if you stress about it all it will bring about some serious baby blues and all in all, it doesn't matter-just do what works for you guys, you'll have a routine at some point so enjoy the make-up less, non-mathcing clothes/jammie days as long as you have them because you will be busier than you know before too long! ;)