Thursday, November 3, 2011

poor baby

little miss makinley has been under the weather for about a week and she's been just miserable.
i noticed stuff in her ear yesterday morning and so in to the dr. we went.
sure she had an ear infection, but not just that, her eardrum ruptured due to that infection!
that makes you feel like a fabulous mom, let me tell you.
luckily though the pressure has been relieved due to it's rupturing and with antibiotics the infection will clear and the current little hole in her eardrum will heal "beautifully" the doc said.
she was a lot more pleasant yesterday though so my guess is that it ruptured the evening before-she cried all day that day, it wasn't very fun.

then, last night...
well, due to the way the stairs are in this house you can't put a gate up, so we have been creative and put a basket on the bottom step-she usually doesn't bother with the stairs if it's there.
i was on a phone call about church and mike had run upstairs really quick with mike. then, all the sudden mike is in our room trying to hand me a baby that has blood dripping out of her her mouth, like a lot-no exaggeration. "shannon, she feel down a few stairs, can you take her?!" i end my phone call in a panic but notice she isn't crying, and hasn't even done so. i am trying to see where all the blood is coming and finally realize she clipped her upper frenum (those bleed a TON). so, luckily, she was fine and she saved us a trip to the dentist and moo-la down the road. she had a really tight one and it would have been clipped if it didn't happen on it's own anyway.

poor girl, i just feel so bad for her-she's had a rough week! so, last night around 10:30 when she started fussing in her sleep for about a minute i went upstairs and snuggled/played with her instead of letting her sleep. maybe that was bad mothering, since she was pretty much back to sleep already, but i just felt so bad and i wanted her to know how much we loved her.

she loved it, and so did we.

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