Friday, November 4, 2011

it hurts

i am needing a place to just write down my thoughts, so forgive me.
sometimes...sometimes, the trials of others hurts so much more than my own.
today, is one of those "sometimes".
i have sat back for a while and listened to and watched so many people suffer, over and over.
and i do know that through suffering and struggle we grow, learn, and ultimately become more like Christ-if we let ourselves.
but sometimes the hurt just happens, despite that knowledge
 i find myself wondering today, "why? why do they continue to suffer and hurt so much? can it please be over for them soon? can i take it instead-because i will?
i have so many family members struggling with so many different things and i wish so badly that it would be over for each of them. my heart literally is aching today, for them. the tears can't seem to lock themselves away currently and i am so wishing they were happy tears, tears brought on by good news.

to my family, all of you, i wish it was better.
i wish words took the pain away and brought the blessings that you so desperately seek and need. i wish that trials didn't take so long sometimes. i wish that you didn't have to hurt the way you are, and especially for so long. 
but i also want to say thank you.
thank you for being so strong, even in your weakest moments. thank for pressing forward with faith. 
thank you for the example that you set, even though you may not know it. thank you for teaching so many others who you may not even know are learning from you.

and please know

He is there.
He does love you and this will strengthen you. His hand is outstretched, His arms are opened wide.

my hubs brought this talk to my attention again today.
he's so good like that-i love him lots.

and because a more sad post needs some upliftment,
here's a picture to make you smile...

she's pretty good at brightening up a dark mood.

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