Monday, November 7, 2011

a few things...

1. i HATE daylight savings time, just in case i haven't expressed that enough in the past.
2. i LOVE that my 2 oldest are coloring and watching Curious George this morning, and that they already cleaned their room this am.
3. i LOVE that my baby played in my wallet for a good 30 minutes and then moved on to a trying to put a bracelet on her head...she must have thought it was a hair piece.
4. i DON'T like the way that baby made her diaper smell during the above.
5. i LOVE that even though my husbs knows i despise the scratchy beard that is currently consuming his handsome face, he knows that i love the kiss on my head before he gets out of bed in the morning (while i sleep warmly under the covers) even more.
6. i LOVE that it is november and that i will get to see ALL of our family, on both sides, in a week and a half...eek! oh, and i am excited for turkey too!

7. AND i love this picture, it makes me laugh

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