Friday, January 20, 2012

the day is done...and it's friday

thank goodness it's friday.
it's not been a bad week just a poopy day today.
and only because of me.
i was in a bad mood. and sure the kids wouldn't listen to a single thing today but really,
i think it was because i was just raunchy today.
i hate these kind of days.
 i whined too much, i raised my voice too much, i did too much of a lot of nothing that was good or happy. i just made life more miserable for myself.
the thing is, i also made life more miserable for my family-and that's what really stinks.
thank goodness today is done.
thank goodness i have tomorrow to do better.
and thank goodness my sweet family is so forgiving.

there it is.
the not so pretty part-life isn't always pretty peaches,
often times it's bruised ugly peaches...
and that's okay, I hear those make great jam.

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Erin said...

Oh MAAAN! Sometimes I think we live the same life, just across the country. I've had a few days this week of exactly the same stuff. You are so amazing to share your feelings (even though they aren't perfect). It makes me feel so much better when someone I look up to so much isn't ALWAYS the best mama in the world:) We're trying though! BTW- You and your kiddos are so beautiful and perfect and I LOVE your hair!!!