Thursday, January 19, 2012

The actual b-day

She requested biscuits and gravy and eggs for her birthday breakfast. Luckily, church doesn't start until 11:00 this year so...I didn't have to get up too early.

Sometimes I think we'd be fine if we didn't get her gifts at all, she's LOVES those singing cards and Daddy made us parents of the year by finding a "Little Mermaid" one!

Her "American Girl" doll...thank you Target for having your own affordable version!
"She looks just like me, but she has blue eyes and not brown like me. She's pretty."

An outfit for changing...thank you Meema and Pampa.

And a doggy (Cloudy's the name) with a coordinating leash to her doll...again, thank you Meema and Pampa!

and a few Tinkerbell goodies from the siblings-these
kept her well entertained at church that day!

And she got more than wonderful gifts from her birthday party too. Between Christmas and her birthday, this girly could open up her own mini store!

She is so excited to be 5! Poor thing though is ready to go to school now that she is 5, so the concept of waiting until August is kind of stinky to her...I don't mind at all though. ;) This girl is ready to grow up but this Momma is not ready at all!

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