Thursday, January 19, 2012

Here's to some yummy cake!

The cake was extra deeee-li-cious!
My sis gave me the tip of freezing it over night before frosting it,
my oh my, talk about some moist cake!
Madds LOVED it!
I had planned a big tower cake thing (since Rapunzel was the theme for the party)
I found online but when she saw Rapunzel cupakes at Wally World that's what she had to have.
I felt like a failure of a mother if I didn't have some soort of cake that I made, so a small
pink "sparkly" one went at the top and the cupcakes adorned the bottom tiers (those pics won't come for a while-they are on my sisters camera). She was very happy with the pink and purple sparkly sprinkles and then of course, the flowers. It was a hit!

(and serisouly, could I be louder and more annoying sounding?)

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