Thursday, January 5, 2012


we don't really have much going on here, hence, the lack of posting. it is mostly due to my insane amount of exhaustion. i think something might be wrong with me. i almost can't function-if i didn't know for sure, i would jump to the conclusion that i was preggo, but i do know for sure that isn't the would be able to admit me if it was. it's weird, i have been super tired but then also i have been having the weirdest head pain too-not headache just this weird pain. however, around 4-4:40 every afternoon i do get a headache, one that really hurts and that makes me want to lay down and close my eyes. i don't know, i've always been crazy so maybe it's just some fluke thing and it will go away. i can't really go to the dr. for those symptoms alone. random, i know.

on a different note, my kids are awesome. i don't think i have said that in a while. they have been playing so good together and have been so good for me. (now today is going raunchy because i said all that out's like praying for patience) anyway, i love those kiddos, they are teaching me a lot. they make me laugh too. the other night for fhe, we talked about goals and we set some (which is a very big deal in this house-i gave up setting goals at the new year a long time ago). i shared some examples of my own so the kids would understand what we were talking about. and then everyone had to share a goal they wanted to make. keep in mind that one, of the many, that i shared, was to exercise more regularly. so, then madds had to follow suit and then she couldn't seem to stop...

Her List:
  • exercise outside
  • learn to write her last name better
  • learn to read
  • learn to fold laundry
  • learn to turn clothes right side out
(she came up with that all on her own, promise)

His List:
  • exercise outside (sissy has good ideas i guess)
  • learn to play basketball and play it with daddy
  • learn letters better (identifying)
(the first 2 were all his and we helped him get excited about the 3rd)

i love maddie's list though, she's a funny girl. she always wants to learn the things she thinks will help make her a mom one day. that is all she ever talks about..."one day, when i am big, and marry austin in the temple, then i can be a mom. and then, i will have 4 babies and i will be a mom like you." she makes me laugh non-stop. the thing is, she is dead serious. madd's doesn't joke-she really is about the most serious child i have ever known. funny, funny girl.


hopefully life will have some things that are blog sharable soon. in the meantime, here are some cute pics of madd's and patch showing off the gifts they picked out with there money from Nanu (their great-grandma)...thanks Nan-they LOVED picking out what they wanted, and it has been good purchases so far (always being used)! We love you!

madd's loves her "polly pocket ice-cream swimming pool"

and oddly, patch picked out slippers...elmo ones at that (b/c they didn't have his size in cars). and he wears them non-stop...who knew he had such cold toes!?

hope you all are having a great start to your new-year and your goals. i got on track early this morning, i will get in the best shape of my life this year-it's not even so much about losing weight (which would be great) but it's about being healthier, having more energy, and feeling happier/better about myself. 
i have quite a few others and might share at some point.

what are your tips about sticking to your goals?
i need all the help i can get.

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Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

Ohh I hope you feel better! Try uping the iron, maybe that will give you a little energy. Hope it passes soon for ya!

Goals are the best. The last 3 years I have been doing monthly goals, Theres no way I can remember one thing for a whole year!! Plus I know I accomplished at least 12 things that year, no matter how small they are.

When you feel better we should go running!!!