Sunday, January 1, 2012

a new chapter

with the new year brings new chapters of our lives. a new chapter for the life of our 3 year old is sunbeams. ahhhhh! i can't believe he is that old already. i happened to be in primary today substituting and got to watch him as he turned around in his chair watching his big sister, and making sure she was still there. i watched him as he got scared to go to class and wanted me to go with him. as he then, after some coaxing, grabbed his buddy caiden's hand and they walked together to class with weary smiles on their faces. he's off to learn how to sit and listen and learn in a class with one teacher; where he will learn to be reverent and learn to be like Jesus; where he's start telling us each sunday in the car ride home what he learned about that day; where he starts growing up just a little bit more.
my heart is full.
we excitedly wait for the day to see our kids get up at the front of church and sing us songs with the rest of the kids, to give talks in primary, to attend primary activities and's suddenly here and while you are happy for them and still excited, your heart is heavy and longing for the yesterdays. my life is going past me too fast. my kids are growing too fast and i can't figure out how to stop enough to take place in it all, to soak it in enough that i can hit replay in my mind over and over again. don't get me wrong, i look forward to all the new memories that will come, to see the new adventures that they will each go on, to see them change and grow and their minds and imaginations grow and soar and see them each achieve all that they desire to achieve. it's just that some days, some days i just want to be back to their first smiles, first giggles, first crawlies, first words, first steps, their first "i love yous". oh, how i love them and oh how i hope and wish these new chapters are all that they hope them to be. here's to new years, new chapters, new life...and apparently some villains to fight of too! ;)

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Carolina said...

Oh my gosh, how sweet is that picture?!? I'm looking forward to Liam being into superheroes. I can't believe Patrick is starting sunbeams! Soph turns three in march, and I agree that sometimes you just want to go back to those early moments! Enjoy every minute bc it never comes back and time quickly marches on. Love this thoughtful post.