Saturday, February 4, 2012


i really love being a mother.
i love all the ups and downs each day holds.
i love the smiles, giggles, cries and screams.
i love snuggle time and play time.
i love watching them sleep.

i don't love so much when a baby poops on the floor (because you were trying to be a good mom and let her raw bum air out and help a BAD diaper rash heal) and then proceed to smear it all over the floor, the stairs, the wall, some hangers that weren't put away, and legos.
yeah, i don't love that at all.
that's pretty nasty.

but oddly, i did still love the cheeser of a smile she gave me when i found her, and i couldn't help but scream ew and smile all at the same time-motherhood's a little odd like that sometimes.


Carolina said...

When Soph was 17ish months old, she would wait to poop until right when I put her in her crib for nap. Then she would reach down the back of her diaper, pull out handfuls, and throw it out of her crib. Poop would be smeared on the wall, crib railings, sheets, and carpet. She did this several times until I got really good at catching her right after she'd pooped, but before the throwing commenced.

Mommyhood can be a dirty, dirty job.

Shannon said...

now that is pretty sick...i feel way worse for you that you had to go through that than any of the experiences i have been through! you are one tough momma!