Thursday, February 2, 2012


we have gotten to enjoy so much sunshine this week, and warm temps!
it's been

yesterday we enjoyed the zoo,
heck i feel like i devoured it!
we stayed for 3 hours and soaked in every sunray, every whippy breeze, and every lion growl and monkey holla (and there were LOTS of those!).

we also didn't know we had free rides this year with our specific passes.
the kids were in heaven.
the carousel was a blast and the little "train" ride. the sky lift will have to wait until
daddy gets to join us.
ahhh, i am so glad february started off kindly this time around,
it's usually my least favorite month due to the cold-so hopefully she won't be showing that ugliness
 too much this go round. (fingers, toes and legs are crossed)

hope your month of love has started nicely too!

she gripped on for dear life the second the thing came to was supoer cute-and she loved it!

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