Sunday, February 12, 2012

matchy matchy

yep, we've become one  of "those" families...
the ones that match on holidays.
well, everyone except for me, i guess.
and you know what?
i loved it today!

i told maddie some time ago that i would make her and makinley matching skirts for valentines day.
so, i whipped those up on friday (easiest things EVER, so i will be making a ton for the summer time) and decided to make patrick a matching bow-tie.
then, mike said this morning, (we had really late church today) "so, do i get one too?"
i laughed because i thought he was kidding, he wasn't.
so, i made him one too-and he looked pretty dang sexy, if i say so myself-didn't know i'd love a man in a bow-tie so much!
somehow maddie's little flower got messed up for the pics-so ignore!


our little model!
(ignore the food on the floor, which i didn't notice until i looked at this! :)


Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

Great Job!! They all look amazing! So glad bow ties are making a come back, they are so much easier to make then regualr ties. Way to go girl!!

Jody said...

very cute..i always remember getting matching dresses when i was kid for easter and christmas..i always liked it!! :)

kelleen said...

super cute--you are SO talented!

Erin said...