Wednesday, February 8, 2012


alright folks, when i come across something i genuinely LOVE then i will be sending to you all, via this here blog. you might think i've gone a little wonky (not that i haven't always been a little wonky anyway...can we all say "wonky" all the time, it's kinda funny...)
so, my awesome sister, seems to find everything, does extensive research on it and then, sometimes hesitantly, shares it with her sisters-secretly fearing we will think she is wonky (haha-had to)
or a "granola" i think she said when she told me about this.
well, you big granola, i am super happy you shared this with me! :)

and now, i am happy to share with you-now that you have been forewarned that this may make you wonky or granola-ish.

alright, the first thing on board...

i have been using a baking soda and water combo as the wash for my hair instead of shampoo now for a week and a half-ish. and to "condition", an apple cider vinegar and water combo.
 sound crazy?
yeah, that's kind of what i thought too-but i tried it anyway.
and the verdict...
and my hair doesn't smell like vinegar! it smells...clean. that's the only way i can describe it.
it fixes better and i was so worried that it would just be flat at the roots, and it was just the opposite; I don't need product to give umph at the roots at all-it's already there.
the other night, i went to shower and didn't have any of my wash mixed up so i just figured, "eh, i'll just use shampoo and conditioner tonight." so i did and my scalp was so itchy the next day and my hair was frizzier too. NO LIE. that was when i became hooked. so, try it and see what you think. the link is here so you can get the ratio and read about why it's good for your hair and you can read the comments as well-which i think is always helpful. also, i like to put the baking soda/water mix in a squeezy bottle (one with a tip, like the red and yellow ketchup and mustard bottles) because you want it more on your scalp and then the ACV/water mix in a spray bottle. works great for me.

next, is using oil to clean and moisturize your face.

say what?
yep, oil.
if any of you know me well, you know that my skin is not something i have ever been proud of. actually, it drives me nuts. i have tried A LOT of different products and nothing gets rid of my acne. i am 27 years old and still have acne. i hate it, it's embarrassing and gross.
so, i decided why not give this a go too, what is there to lose?
so, it's a mixture of castor oil (to cleanse) and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) to moisturize. now if your thinking i must have dry skin, you are thinking wrong. i am an oily skin girl, severely in my t-zone. but apparently you should use oil to fight oil. who knew?
not me.
same site but here is the link so you can figure your ratio for your skin. i use 3 tsp of castor to 2 tsp of EVOO. it works good for me and my oily self. if you have dry skin you will use more EVOO and less castor oil. mix a good amount up and put it in a little squeeze bottle (travel size ones from walmart work good-the ones with a cap) and you're good to go for a while. (try a small amount for the first week or so to see if that's the right ratio for you though, so you don't waste any) one more thing, it's a GREAT make-up remover; close your eyes rub it all over and wipe off after you do your steaming with your washcloth.

so how's my face? soft.
i am having a breakout, which is normal-not everyone will have one but if you do that's NOT bad, it has to pull it all out. but my breakout isn't normal which is what makes me think it is working. what? i am breaking out in odd places, not where i usually do-so for some reason i think that's good...maybe not? i don't really know but i am giving it at least 2 months. i'll give more updates as i see more results-or don't see them. also, it is healing my skin more quickly it seems. my makeup also looks a lot smoother and nicer. i am happy with it so i guess that's all that matters, right?

give it a go if you want, it can't hurt anything-it's all natural and you already have it all in your house. it will save you on shampoo/conditioner and any face washes/moisturizers that you buy.
let me know what you think, i am curious!


Evan and Jamie said...

Thanks for snitching on me!! LOL I LOVE both!! My face is looking pretty awesome! (As awesome as a face can I guess???) Maybe I should've thought of a different word! Anyway, I L.O.V.E my hair too!! It's awesome! Not just use coconut oil for shaving cream and a moisturizer and you'll be all granola!! (It's the bomb though!) And you can put coconut oil in your hair about once a month and it smells wonderful!!

The Juries!! said...

If you stop using deoderant, please stand downwind from me!

Shannon said...

Ahahahahaha!!! I'll make sure I come in for BIG hug! :) I am 99.9% that will NEVER happen, the no deoderant thing that is... haha!