Friday, March 23, 2012


well, we are gone.
we are here, in Alabama!
we made it here a day shy of a week ago. i really can't believe it has been a week already.
life was pretty crazy before we left, as moving always is. the kids have done phenomenal-i really am so impressed with their strength and patience through this whole ordeal-and their non-stop prayers, "that everything will work out." i just love those kids and am so proud of them.
it was just as hard to leave behind our friends and family as i thought it would be.
i think my eyes are still tired from crying. you don't ever seem to realize just how good things are until they're gone. i did know i had it good, don't get me wrong, in the friends department there but, man...i was so overly blessed with so many angels in my life at one time.
luckily, our sweet gibson's came down and we got to spend another day and night with them before we said goodbye. i just love this picture-it totally captures the utter happiness those kids feel when they are together, they just LOVE being together!

what i am most upset about with the entire trip is that the camera was never pulled out but this one time!! i didn't get a single picture of our main, and so much appreciated, helper...PICKLE!
(aka Pampa)
mike's dad came out and helped us move and we couldn't have been more grateful to have him there. he made it all so much extra set of hands, eyes, and love for the kiddos. he spoiled them rotten too-just by being around! patrick melted to the floor in a heaving pile of tears the morning he woke up and pickle was gone. that boy and his pickle are just best buddies. the room here in our temp housing has been deemed "pickle's room" since he was the first one who slept in it. :) and makinley walks around saying "pom-pa" all the time now-and it seriously melts my heart.
so, we just wanted to say a BIG
to him and to the gibsons and to all those who helped us at any point in the move-the babysitters, those who helped load up, those who helped me clean at the very end (yikes, who knew how filthy the house could get just moving?) and those who had thoughts and prayers coming our way. thank you will never seem to be enough but right now, it's all we've got so,
thank you again!

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Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

glad you guys arrived safe and sound!!