Monday, July 9, 2012

The 4th

We enjoyed the 4th of July this year quite a bit.
First of all it was our payday-which made for a very happy day!
And then, we got to enjoy it with friends and family.
We were invited to a gathering at an older couples home-they had tons of people there and lots of kiddos. They live in a golf course so there was plenty of space to run and play-and the kiddos did just that! They had face painting, a mommy/daughter thing, a father son thing and then a husband/wife game. They are the coolest old(er) people I know!
The fireworks were amazing and I found myself a bit emotional (surprise surprise) with a deep felt gratitude to be with my family, to have the gospel, and to live in this great nation with great freedoms. I love this country and my gratitude for those who have fought bravely to allow me the freedoms I enjoy is so deep I can't express it properly. We hope your 4th was as fantastic!

A few phone pics...

(he hated how loud it was but had a smile on his face the whole time...and his ears covered the whole time too!)

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