Sunday, July 8, 2012

time to catch up a bit

Ah life.
It isn't ever what you think it will be is it?
However, I know that it is always what it should be-and that's a blessing even if it
 doesn't feel like it in the middle of it all.
The last 3 and a half months surely have been far from what we thought they would be.
We moved and got to Alabama on March 17th.
Mike started work a week later and the company that he was working for was supposed to close and become a "real" business the week after that. We were staying in a fully furnished temp apartment right across the hall from my sister and her family. (Her husband and his dad were buying the grocery chain.) Well, it didn't close by told date and was pushed back, all for things out of the control of those who were buying it-which meant no one was able to get paid, there were quite a few families who moved here for this. The date proceeded to get pushed back again and again. Mike's grandfather died and we headed unexpectedly to MO. We came home and I think a week, maybe 2 weeks, later we were in a car accident in which our van was totaled. Thankfully we were all okay. Madds got a serious case of swimmers ear in there somewhere too. At the end of May Jeff and Kelli were able to find a home (the home in which they are buying) and were able to rent it until closing of the business. So, in efforts to save money, her family, our family and her in-laws and there 3 small children all moved in. After much waiting, praying, fasting, crying and moments of weakness, the business finally closed on June 29th! To say we were happy is an understatement. Our gratitude is nearly uncontainable yet I feel I can't express it right or enough.  As if the 29th of June wasn't a great day already we also put an offer in on a home! July first we came into a contract on what will be our first home and one we hope to be in for a very very long time!  Payday was an amazing day, as we did get back paid for the work we had done for 14 weeks, which happened the 4th. The 5th was the inspection on the house and it went really well. Our closing day is July 18th, with the possibility of it being this coming Friday, the 13th. My heart is overflowing and I can hardly handle it! We are so grateful. So so grateful. So, there's our life in a nutshell for the past 3 and a half months. While life was crazy and hard we were truly blessed and taken care of in that time. Mike now works for Belle Foods and is loving his job. Alabama is hot, but from what I hear it has been even hotter in the places we are from (VA and MO)-we're thinking of you all and hoping you are keeping cool! Aside from it being hot it is a great place to live, there truly is a thing as "southern hospitality". We look forward to the good things and the hard things as we know the Lord's hand is always there.
He always watches over us.

(phone camera quality...)


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Woohoo! So glad that everything is FINALLY coming together! We're so happy for you guys! :)

Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

Hooray Hooray for the blessings at the end of the craziness! We are so excited for you guys!!