Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day! ( and a little of the 2nd)

It happened, and we ALL survived! ;)
Maddie was so excited for her first day of kindergarten and she went off like a champ!
I cried, quite a bit after we left but, I survived-having a super busy day helped with that a lot.
She came home with not a lot to report. She thought the gym was HUGE which was kind of funny. She can't remember anyone's names yet but she had a good day.
I know she must have been tired because she was one CRANKY girl last night! :)
After a good night's sleep she was ready to go again today, and got to catch the bus to school this morning (she was elated about that).


(this is my favorite one of her)

Ii realize my face looks as swollen as a balloon but hey, got over my pride and posted it anyway-I was REALLY tired yesterday due to not sleeping very good, due to this lady going to school! AND I don't have all my eye make-up on-just sayin')

after school with the neighbors...and one of Maddie's new best friends Elizabteh and Patch's buddy John Robert.

getting on the bus this morning! My eyes might have gotten teary again...just might have! ;)


Jennifer Jury said...

Yay!!! Go Maddie!!

Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

She looks so happy!! How cute!! Glad you survived, its always so hard!