Sunday, August 19, 2012


Ahhhh! This heart of mine is breaking, our first baby is starting school in the morning!
I watched and listened as my sweet husband gave our daughter a father's blessing to start off her first year of school and all I could see and hear was the memory of the day we found out we were pregnant with her.
It is so clear that I could swear (if I didn't have 2 other kiddos running around) that that was just yesterday. I remember her crawling around the house with a sock hanging out of her mouth. I remember how she used look when she told us how old she was at the cute little age of 1, with her pudgy finger sticking up proudly in the air. I remember how her scrawny little legs suddenly turned into big chubby squishy ones that we loved to squeeze. It can't surely be real that she will be walking into school tomorrow and leaving us for nearly 8 hours.
But, it is. And I knew it was real as she told me tonight that she needed to go to bed so she can be ready for school tomorrow. And, as she told me that she would "miss me all day" when she was gone at school tomorrow. She also told me that her surprise for when she got home from school tomorrow would be that I cleaned the house...
I wish I could say that she didn't know what she's talking about but-I am a bad liar and therefore choose to admit to my awfulness. However, I do have some excuses from this weekend as to why my home is a bit less than presentable right now but whatever-I'll just suck it up and "surprise" her with a clean house tomorrow-and hopefully some chocolate chip cookies too! ;)

Here's some pictures from her "meet the teacher" on Friday.

Golly, she really is old enough-look at her!

She found her name and sat right down...she thinks it's pretty cool that a little girl at her table is named Nala...I am sure she's going to talk to her about The Lion King at some point! :)

She thought she was so awesome to count all the way to 100!

A bit fuzzy, but this is her teacher Miss Finn. She kind reminds us of Barbie in her looks, and Maddie thinks that's really awesome! :)

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Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

Congrats Maddie!!

What a fun year ahead!!

HANG IN THERE SHANNON!! The first week is a hard adjustment more for Mom then the kiddos!!