Friday, September 7, 2012

A Cleaning Tip

So, we have this really nasty spot on our carpet in the basement and it was there when we moved in. I have carpet cleaned and it won't come out. Today I was trying out a tip I found on Pinterest using an ammonia/water mix, a white cloth and an iron. It is working, slowly, but surely. My tip though isn't to use that so much as it is on how to clean the soleplate on your iron. Because cleaning the carpet coated my iron in some crusty, nasty junk that wasn't coming off easily, I returned to Pinterest to find something. It didn't come easily either. I tried a few different things and nothing really got it off. I then found a site that was saying that to get into the little holes and grooves of your iron try using white vinegar.
Can I just express how much I LURVE me some white vinegar for cleaning?!
Ahhh, I just do, it works for so many different things.
It cleaned my entire iron and quickly too!
For the holes dip a Q-Tip in the vinegar and wha-la!
Just thought I would share that happy news today!
And no, it doesn't matter what brand of anything that you use-I just thought some pictures might make it all the more exciting. :)

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