Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let's Try this Again...

So, obviously our life has been pretty much chaos since March.
And so, the blog has taken a back burner-as it should.
BUT, no more back burner for this baby!

Let's do an update on everyone, and get this thing back on track.

Mikey...ahhhh, that man-I really love him.
He is doing great, tired, but that doesn't seem to ever change in our life...or anyone's for that matter, right?!
He is loving his job still-which is is obviously a fantastic thing.
He is doing very well at it too-but not that that info is given from him.
Actually, I was a proud wife last week as I was told how everyone at work was very impressed with how Mike handled the chaos, that always comes, with the possibility of the hurricane that was to hit the coast. We have stores down there and I had no idea the time and craziness that went into making sure stores are prepared and sufficiently stocked (and overstocked). Apparently Mike did a fantastic job getting things organized in his area of work and communicating with everyone involved which means with vendors as well.
And as I was being told this Mike just shrugs it off and gets embarrassed-well, I said bring it on, tell me more! :) I was so excited for him and so proud of him! 

Me. Well, I am doing my best to settle us into this house. It seems the second I get things cleaned and organized we jump on doing some new "project" or some type of new organization. Our house currently, as I sit here typing away on a blog, is a hurricane area. We cleaned carpets this weekend which translates to everything being moved up from down in the playroom to upstairs in the family room AND the kitchen. It's scary...and there's folded laundry on the mix as well, waiting to be put away...oh, and a dirty kitchen because I promised a sad girl I would make cookies last night for her to take in her lunch and I from breakfast this morning! YIKES! I received a calling, finally, at church (it's been since last November that I have had one, due to being unsure of our move) and I am teaching the 7 turning 8 years old in Primary!!! I was beyond elated for that class and so happy to be back in Primary! 

Maddie. Well, we all know how sweet Maddie is. She went off this morning very happy though, as we did our best to spend some extra time with her last night, and she got to have a trip out alone to run errands with Daddy. So, here's to hoping that with a little extra effort on our part things will get better sooner than later!

Patrick. Oh that handsome little man. He is keeping us laughing these days, and making us crazy.
At an early 4 years old he has somehow learned to be sarcastic...and it's making us crazy. He thinks he is hilarious, and a lot of the time is and we hide our faces laughing because sometimes we shouldn't be! However, we are having to figure how to nip this one because it gets bad sometimes and sarcasm in too much of a dose, as we all know, isn't good. He started a one day a week preschool though and he loves that! He wishes it was more but I like this perfectly. They love having him in class and said he brings such a calmness to the class...CALM + Patrick-hmmmm, never put those 2 together but so happy to hear that he is so well behaved with others! :) He's not at all a bad kid-the complete opposite actually, so I hope that's not the vibe I am giving off, he' s just my crazy boy!

Miss Makinley. Oh that girl. She is so cute for a reason!! She is all over the place! That's not just my opinion or knowledge but what other people tell me too! She is really sweet though too. She loves playing outside, like LOVES it. She could live out there and be completely content. She is fabulous at saying her animal sounds, naming her body parts, and giving the cutest kisses! She is actually talking really well-I am amazed at the clarity of some of her words! She's a funny funny girl and we just love having her in our family!

So, life is good and we are blessed! This was long, but we are all caught up!

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