Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Heartbreak Hotel

So, Maddie has been doing such a great job in school and we love her teacher, she's learning and making friends and really likes school a lot! On the flip side, we miss her tons here at home, especially now that she has been gone for 2 weeks! I handled the first days really well, I think but then it all settles in and she's been gone for a long time and I miss her most now. However, I keep that in, don't let her know and pretend everything is just great. Well, since in school, she has become one feisty cookie! She comes home and is just cranky and that is just a part of starting school-she's tired and has never been stimulated in this way before-we knew that that was going to be the way it was for the first couple of months though. Well, it's gotten pretty rough and today it hit the top. She was sent to our bed to relax and chill a bit and was so mad that she had to be there. I went in with her work she brought home to ask her about it and to try and figure out what was going on in that little head of hers. I finally got her to tell me about the pictures she drew and the game she brought home to play with Mom or Dad (Dad won that one) and the whole time she had big tears in her eyes. So finally, I asked if she liked her teacher, if she was nice, if she had friends, and overall if she liked school. She said yes to it all and so then I asked what was wrong then...WRONG QUESTION! She started bawling and crawled into my chest and said, "Mom, I miss you when I am at school! I miss being home with you and Patrick and Makinley. I just want to stay home with you guys!" 

Insert knife in the heart and twist around a bit!

Ugh! It was horrible!

So, I am hoping this is all just a part of being exhausted and getting into the swing of things. If there are any words of advice out there, I'll take it! Please share your thoughts and experiences-I really want to this to be great for her and for her to be okay. Again, I am thinking it's just because it is the beginning and that she will get used to it but...did anyone else experience this?

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Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

We go through this EVERY year. I swear it must be so rough on their little bodies to go from relaxing in the summer to routines and such. Hang in there it normally last 2 or 3 week, at least in our home. THen they get the hang of it and life is golden. Hang in there. Glad her teacher and class are great!!