Thursday, September 27, 2012


Old picture this time, as previously stated-Makinley broke our camera. :(
I just wanted to write about the little mister in the house and tell him how much I adore him!
He goes to preschool once a week, we rotate houses and teachers and have a very specific program we go by. Each week there is a "helper" to help where needed and to really keep a couple of the boys wrangled in. I got to be that helper this week (and will teach next) and so I got to watch Patch in a completely different setting. That kiddo is one really good little boy and I couldn't have been more proud. He is so kind and listens so well. He pays such good attention (for the most part) and has such a desire to learn. It's interesting/sad how easy it is on a day to day basis to just think about all the crazy aspects of our children, the parts that they exude to us because we are their mothers and that often make us want to pull our hair out. It's going to be my goal to not think of that as often but to focus on all the good in each of them...which is a lot! :)
Anyway, super proud of Mr. Patrick-love him to bits.

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