Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh October...

you have turned out be one crazy month.
We started the month with sickness (strep and croup) and that happened to be the same week that Kelli had invited my mom and youngest sisters down too. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see much of them since getting strep to go away was the goal, and we had already been swapping it around with Kelli's household. Michelle was a doll and came and took care of me and my kiddos Friday, when I was down and out with some stomach thing.We were lucky enough to head over to their house and see my mom and sisters and watch General Conference together for one session on Sunday-it was really nice!
Conference was fantastic once again...I am always amazed that every time it is exactly what I need.
Luckily my mom and them stayed a couple of days longer so we were able to all spend time together on Monday. I wish I was able to get more pics with them...maybe next time! ;)
The Friday after they left Meemaa and Pampaa came to visit for 8 days! They helped us tremendously by helping us to paint our trim in the living room-it looks amazing! Pampaa was hard at work with things around the outside and inside of the house. He and Mikey started cutting down an odd tree in the back (I think at this point we could have made enough paper to last us 2 years with all the trees we are whacking down:) and they seemed to thoroughly enjoy that-it seems to be exhilarating.
Patch is still attached at the hip to his Pampaa but he certainly loved making daily outings to Walmart with Meemaa. Makinley enjoyed making Meema's famous sugar cookies with her and Kelli's kiddos and ours enjoyed icing them with her. Unfortunately we had sickness while they were here too. The stomach bug went around the adults. Mike got it in the night one night and came home early from work that next day (as he attempted going in to get "must do" things done), I had it by the evening and Meems and Pamps got it in the night. A very boring day pursued that day...very boring! :)
Before they left Mike and I snuck out to the temple and dinner for our anniversary while they took the kiddos over to the school for Maddie's book fair-sounds like they had a good time.
So, I am about done with October, it's been one busy and full month already-with another week to go still! But, on a positive note, our living room is almost done-I have a last coat to slap up on the walls today and then I can finally hang pictures and make that room feel like home. While I would love to get painting other rooms I think furniture has to come first, we are endeavoring on refinishing most of the furniture in our house-yikes. I would love to get the dining room furniture done first, but we shall see-and that ugly brass chandelier in there but...patience is key right? One room at a time. :)
Now after a long post...LOTS of pics! And there are just as many if not more pics of the nieces and nephews-haha!
First set of visitors...

 Second set of visitors...

seriously, I love that her eyes are so light...she's just so cute!

crazy boy...nothing can be serious with this kid.

love that she smiled with her eyes! :)

we went with simple faces this year, nothing intricate and detailed like years past. still so cute though!

the site I woke up to about every morning, snuggling in with Pamps!

rolling out the dough...don't be fooled, more than helping that little girly picked it off and ate it! ;)

hahaha, I kept trying to get a smiling pic of Meems but every time I went to click a face like this was made! :)

don't ask about her clothes...thanks for the "meow" shirt Kate! ;)

they all kept making them sideways...they're supposed to be pumpkins!

she REALLY liked that icing!
and yes, just in case you are wondering, Makinley is definitely sporting a mullet these days-and I can't bring myself to cut it! At least one sister can't make fun of the other later in life...they both had one as toddlers! :)
This week is already proving to be busy so we're making a bang of October-maybe November will be slower??
probably not, we do crazy around here all the time!

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