Wednesday, October 24, 2012

such a mess

I know most of you all see my stuff via Facebook or Instagram but I still have family who don't do either one of those, and this one's a gem anyway.
This was the result of a paint slinging party.
Held Where? Living Room
Held When? The precise moment Mom/Aunt Shannon went to the bathroom
Paint slung onto what? Everything in the living room, the little bit of fireplace brick that wasn't covered up, the couches, the hardwoods, the tv, the tv table, the end table, the wall, the capret rug, all over 4 (and when I went out there, 5) people's clothes. And of course, smeared into the hair of the 2 little culprits-you can't see all of Cooper's.
After them soaking in the shower for a REALLY long time, I still couldn't get it all out of Makinley's hair-in fact she still has some in there today.
*I luckily did get it out of the couches and let it dry on the floor and then it peeled off. Te fireplace we are still trying to figure out.*

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Jennifer Jury said...

Look how white mister is!!