Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a diet coke kinda day...

that ended with bubbles and laughter.
my go to when craziness hits it's peak for me is a good diet coke, or chocolate.
yesterday, while it wasn't a bad day, turned out to be insane!
the day started great though, and without intention or suspicion of becoming crazy.
I have gotten a new exercise program and started it Monday, so after making breakfast and lunches and getting the two big ones out the door, the two littles got dressed and I did my exercise. I felt good and on top of it. We did last minute getting ready things and headed out the door to get Patch to preschool, which was starting 30 minutes earlier that day, due to a field trip later. We leave in plenty of time, only to be late due to a big accident right on our exit. Makinley and I headed to the grocery store, where it is always interesting as to how she will behave (remember how I said she was 2 next month? well, her 'tude already says she's 2:). We leave and get a phone call that Mike forgot his lunch, which he wasn't asking me to bring it because he knew I didn't have the time, but still I wanted to take it to him so he could eat. We get home to unpack groceries, grab Mike's lunch, head out the door, stop by to check on Jamie's house (they'll be moved here next week!), and head up to take Mike his lunch instead of heading to Patch's field trip (which wasn't necessary that I be there). About 10 minutes from Mikey's work I get a phone call from Maddie's nurse saying I needed to come and get her as she was hit in the face with a swing at recess and got a gash below her lip, "It's not really big, but it is a gash-not a cut-and she might need a stitch or to get it glued together. You can come look and see, but I will tell you if it was my child I would have something done...since it IS on her face." So, naturally I worried as can be, tell her I am about 30 minutes away and I will be there. I call Maddie's Dr. to get an appt. and have her checked out, get to Mike's work drop it off and then Kelli calls. Thankfully, she goes to pick up Patrick for me, since around the time I would be getting Maddie, I should be picking him up. YIKES! Get Maddie, only to try and not laugh in the face of the nurse (that sounds so incredibly rude, I realize, but seriously), the "gash" was the tiniest thing EVER-it did open which is why it was  a "gash" but, oh dear. She was doing her job, and for that I am appreciative-very much so actually. We head to Target to grab some liquid bandagea and in the drive we call the Dr. to cancel the appt. While in Target Makinley thought it would be awesome to take off her shoes and lose one. After a 20m inute walk around Target trying to find it, we grab some new ones (since she lost one shoe of the other pair she had just 4 days earlier) at check out is when I grabbed that beautiful Diet Coke-that burned and felt so good going down! Just then the Customer Service said they found her other shoe. :) Then we headed to pick up Patch. We were unexpectedly at Kelli's for a little while, until she went to pick her children up from school, she met me at CVS where we attempted to get all the children their flu shots-thinking cousins would help each other to be brave. Well, apparently, our CVS here can't give flu shots to children under the age of 9. So Kelli and I decided to go ahead and get ours, it shouldn't take too long right?? 
Nope, totally wrong.
45 minutes later we walk out with our 7 children in all, 6 and under.
I take Spencer with me, he and Patch had basketball practice that night and Kelli had to be somewhere, so...
Now that this day description has turned novel, I will spare the rest of the details.
Dinner got made, the boys got gone and the girls hit the bathtub, the little ones that is.
Makinley dumped the bottle of shampoo in tub and instead of stressing, I laughed-and it felt really good. It was fun to watch those 2 girlies make crazy bubbles and play in them like it was the best thing in the world-and oh so funny too, which it was.

The kitchen didn't get cleaned and Mike and I fell asleep on the couch between 9:00 and 9:15.
I was glad the day was done...until Patch pee'd the bed in the night.

the clean up, Maddie's face is HILARIOUS!

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