Sunday, November 18, 2012

Whiny whiny

ya know, sometimes I think God just likes to get a good laugh at us sometimes.
I think He likes to test our limits, but sometimes not in the severe like way, just in a way that he can get a good smile out it.
so, I decided about a week ago that I was getting off facebook for a while. don't get me wrong, I LURVE me some facebook, but that was just the problem, I was "lurvin'" a bit too much.
my life seemed to be being put on hold too much because of that dang wonderful thing.
I also decided to delete a bunch of the blogs I read that I saved under my "favorites" section (yes, I am aware of blog following, I do follow a couple, these were the non-crafty type of people I don't know, that I somehow felt the need to read all about their little lives ALL.THE.TIME. but was too embarrassed to follow that many of them...haha, yeah, I am one of those.).
I needed to get my life on track, for me and for my family. I needed to take the time out necessary to continue developing my relationship with my Heavenly Father-so that life at home was that much better, so that I felt like I was putting Him in my life first, and not just "fitting" him in when convenient-or without my whole heart.
so, I was all proud of myself and feeling good that I did that-it felt like the right thing to do, and it was/is. And then WHAM!
that diet coke kind of day hit, not to mention that I have spent the majority of this week with hives.
hives that gradually made themselves worse everyday for 5 days.
I looked like a giant map come Thursday, a map, ya heard me. They were huge, and red, and puffy, and itchy and downright unattractive and man were they UGGGGLY (said only the way that hyena in Lion King can say it-and seriously, I forgot the name of that movie for sec.).Seriously, 5 days of hives, 2 days of those spent down and out because I couldn't get anything accomplished due to the scratching and I had decided to take a break from facebook!? Those would have been great facebook days. I felt like it was a temptation of sorts, kind of looking at me and saying,"you can't do it, nanny nanny boo boo!" Well, I can confidently say, I nanny nanny boo booed that in it's face. Anyway, then finally it just went away that night while I slept...thank goodness. I had a great and productive day on Friday and today. Got to have a GNO tonight and came home only to discover that I am once again getting covered in hives...and now the taunting begins again.
Seriously, I think God is laughing right now.
And now I have written 2 novels in a row...2 whiny ones-heaven help us over here! :)
and seriously, let's hope I can figure what in the world I am allergic to!
Jennifer Jury, you better not be praying that it's Alabama! :)


Jennifer Jury said...

Oh, you know it is!! And just a warning-- I had a seizure when I quit Diet Coke....maybe you are having this because of lack of facebook!

Kate said...

are you taking any new meds? did you see breaking dawn? you must call!