Monday, December 3, 2012

Pretty awesome

So I have this little girl, who really isn't little anymore.
She's going to be 6 in a month.
These birthdays are about to do me in, I can't handle all the oldness about to take place in this household.
Anyway, she's pretty much awesome.
She was nicknamed Miss Sassy Pants by the nurses at birth and it couldn't be more true of her today.
However, with that sass comes this extraordinary sweet and helpful child.
She came in my room this morning, before my alarm went off, and I asked her to get dressed and pop on the tv until I got up-which was maybe 15 minutes away.
Right after my alarm went off she came in dressed like a big girl and said, with a big smile on her face, "Mom, I cleaned up the living room so that we could have a great family
 home evening tonight."
While the living room had a few odds and ends from tree decorating stuff in it, my heart about exploded. She just wants to help and make life as pleasant as possible-most of the time :) and she just makes me so proud and happy to be her mother.
Just love that Maddie girl and wanted to record that about her.

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