Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December: Part 1

While I am doind December in parts, just know that it all happened from December 6 to December 25th. It was an extremely busy month even without the holidays, but the holidays were there and it was crazy great too.
December 6th brought in family. Our niece Carsyn got baptized (and somehow I got no pictures of that sweet and special day) and so all of our side of the family came down for that along with Jamie's in-laws. We had dinner at our house on the evening of the 7th and had Andy and Ryan's famlies staying at our house for the weekend. Let's also mention that Chloe, Kelli, Patrick and Makinley were sick by Friday. We had fun having everyone at our house. I just love hearing all the kids running around upstairs and seeing wrestling with Pops and laughter and giggles with each other.
Good times were had, even though it was short and CRAZY!

With being the host I feel like I couldn't take any pictures, so I guess we were lucky I got what I did!

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