Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December: Part 2

Part 2 is short and...well, not so sweet but hey, it happened and it's over and he's doing better!
Our guests left Sunday morning of the 9th. About an hour to an hour and a half after they left we took Mikey into the Urgent Care. He had started severe stomach pains Saturday night and Sunday morning they were all on his lower right side. It wasn't awful or continual but when it came it hurt bad. So we headed in, to be told after a LONG wait to head to the ER. The ER was a hopping place! Well, he had Retro-fecal appendicitis. So, Monday afternoon he had surgery. Meanwhile my girls were super sick and we were lucky enough to live by family now and they helped out a TON!
He got out of the hospital Tuesday and Wednesday we were at the doctor for the girls. Both had ear infections and Madds they were pretty sure had strep throat as well, although no testing was since she already was getting antibiotics for the ear. It was a crazy long week, and one I was glad to see be over. :)

Such a sport he was for pictures! ;)

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D... said...

Well that was an eventful week! Glad you are all better now!