Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December: Part 3-Birthday Happy!

What a happy part of December this was! Miss Makinley turned 2!
She is a funny, crazy, beastly, beautiful and just wonderful little girl.
Yes, I said, "beastly". Oy, this girl is definitely 2. She is into everything! I am soon going to a "week in the life of Makinley" just to prove the daily occurrences of this cute girl. I can hardly keep up with her. However, on the same note, she was one of the funniest little things I have ever met, and what's even better is that she knows she's funny so she tries...and succeeds most of the time! :)

I wasn't fortunate enough to get pictures of her dinner and cake-too many people around means I lose my mind and forget about the camera. :( She had spaghetti and a big funffeti cake that she shared with her cousin Cooper since their household was really sick on his birthday just 2 weeks before.
It was fun and they loved the cake!

Now, pics of her birthday morning with just us. She had pancakes for breakfast!


This might be my favorite picture! (she's opening her kitty cat)

SO TIRED still!

She LOVES kitties, "Meows" as she calls them...this is the closest thing she'll ever get to one so she was pretty excited-and so were the other two as well! :)

By the end of the day she was singing, "Happy Birthday to you!" over and over! And then she serenaded the congragation with it on Sunday as well, right before we sang a song-so everyone heard her! :)
Happy Birthday beautiful girl-we love you!

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D... said...

She is so cute! I can't believe she is 2 already. I love her facial expressions!! :)