Monday, January 14, 2013

he makes me laugh

Patrick has always been a little boy who likes to change his clothes. 
When he was littler we would have to get him dressed, literally, first thing in the morning. No lag time from the time he got to the time he was in his clothes for the day.
It made me laugh when around 5:45 this morning I hear footsteps on the stairs, pitter-patter across the hardwoods, hear the doors to the laundry closet open, the dryer open, a quick pause, the dryer close and the same pitter-patters and footsteps back up the stairs.Then silence.
When he did crawl out of bed officially this morning, he was wearing different jammie pants. 
Did he potty in the other ones? No.
Were the other ones too hot, ya know, after 7.5 hours of sleep? No.
Just wanted to change his pants, at 5:45 in the morning-and then go back to sleep.
Silly boy sure does make me laugh, just love him to pieces.


Kaylynn said...

That is absolutely hilarious... I hope Dallin has a funny little personality like Patrick's! :)

D... said...

He is so funny! How cute! :)