Wednesday, January 9, 2013

thoughts of the heart

as i browsed the internet for a little bit this morning, i took a second to notice the little buddy i had sitting next to me who was watching a show on disney. my heart flooded as i looked at her tiny little features that are beyond beautiful. my mind couldn't wrap around the idea that i made this tiny little person (who isn't so tiny anymore) that is so perfect in every way-even that ornery side of her. then, seeming to sense the moment, patch comes over and says, "mommy, i want to trade eyelashes, come on." that's code in this house for butterfly kisses. these 3 beautiful kids of mine all have incredible eyelashes (thank you daddy) and i have always tried to get them to trade with me-and that's how we do it. and so me and the little man did, we traded eyelashes. and he was ever so happy about it. and then while my heart had already flooded, it seemed to burn with fire. i never knew that i could love this much-that this heart of mine could feel this way.
i always knew i wanted to be a mother, but i never new how incredibly amazing it really was.
i am so very grateful.
(and I am still doing project 365, blogger just hasn't been letting my upload. you can see some at instagram: jurylovlies)

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